FLOORLEUM PLAIN TOLI FLOORLEUM is the 30 years long-established vinyl sheet for multipurpose... Toli Product #: Vinyl4 Regular price: $0.00 $0.00 In Stock


TOLI FLOORLEUM is the 30 years long-established vinyl sheet for multipurpose.

Size 1820mm x 9m
Overall Thickness 2.0mm / 2.5mm
Packing 9m/roll
Net Weight (2.0mm) 56.0kg/roll, (2.5mm) 73.0kg/roll
Others Pre-Waxed Surface
Way of Installation
Notes on Installation As the sub-fl oor material, the underlayment like TOLI Underlay Sheet (page 224) is also workable. Apply the same adhesive for both upside and downside of the underlayment.
Notes on Installation For one week after installation, direct sunlight, sudden change of temperature due to air conditioning, and water washing should be avoided.
Notes on Installation Seams should be heat-welded. When you install 2 different sheets, each edge should be jointed at the seam. (Do not cut in the middle of the sheet.)
Recommended Adhesive from TOLI
dried mortar and concrete Eco Royal Cement, Eco AR600
humid mortar and concrete Epo Gray ST, US Cement, US Cement (less-smelly), US200, Super UV Cement
Custom Order Antibacterial spec. (ANTIBACTERIAL FLOORLEUM PLAIN) and non-slip spec. (FLOORLEUM PLAIN EMBOSS) are also available. Please see the page 256 & 277.
JIS Registered No. No. GB0506143 / No. GB0610001 (JIS A 5705 Vinyl Sheet Flooring)
Note Please be aware that some rubber casters might cause color-contamination.
Note Please note that the product has the indigenous odor from its materials.
Note The dirt and stains will be more visible on the fl oor covering with lighter plain colors, compared to dark colors. Also they are more likely to stick with the deep-embossed surface than the fl at surface.
Recommended Maintenance Wax from TOLI New FB Wax, U Wax, T Wax (Non-shiny & Antibacterial)